Friday, July 22, 2011

Venture Capital - Most Important Lessons From Northern Crown Capital To You

Michael Use an intermediary. The benefits of using one have been discussed throughout this program. Hopefully you will use Northern Crown Capital, but if not there are many good ones out there. Remember that in most cases, the deal you end up with is not the deal you thought you would get when you started. You have to be flexible and able to turn on a dime in order to make the deal progress. Matthew Deal with people of quality. Associate yourself with experienced people who have gone through several cycles and have a proven track record in a wide variety of industries. Do not be greedy. In the market the bears can make money, the bulls can make money but pigs go to slaughter. If you are too greedy, you cannot make a deal. Markets will change. Windows open and windows close. To some extent investing is a fashion business. Certain types of deals are in fashion and then they are out. When money is being made available you are better off to take it when it is being offered. Always be very open and candid in your discussions. Do not hide. Do not play games. Be totally open. And whatever you do, do not bluff. An investor will find out quickly when you are bluffing and you will lose the deal. Bob Financing is just one of the tools you need to build a good company. It is like the blood in your body. Financing is not the heart and soul – your business is. Good entrepreneurs build great companies because they are good at motivating their employees, excellent at working with suppliers, have an obvious ability to satisfy customers and they also treat the venture capitalist as a supplier, albeit a supplier of money and not a physical product. If you think of investors with a “me against them” attitude or with any degree of hostility you should not enter into the deal. You will need their support when times get tough. A good working relationship with investors will help ensure your long term success.

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