Monday, July 11, 2011

Raising the Bar of Online Financial News: Stockleaf Has Sprouted

So what is Stockleaf if it's not a budding pod on the branch of the World Wide Web's financial oak tree? Quite simply, it's a tool. And it may be the most ingenious tool introduced to the global cyber community. Why? Because it's simple and it works. If only everything were held to those standards. Stockleaf isn't pretty—we've established that. So what is it exactly? It's a webpage that brings together every recent article published on the web from every reliable news site about any publicly traded company you want to know about. Say you're interested in Bank of America. Go to Stockleaf and type the symbol (BOA) into the field. Click on 'Search.' In seconds, your page will be filled with links. Links to articles about Bank of America from top news sources like: Google Finance, MSN Money, Seeking Alpha, Y! Finance, Forbes and Smart Money. Instead of wasting your time flitting from news site to news site like a fragile butterfly (you knew I'd have to work those garden metaphors in there somewhere), the flower box has been brought to you. Simply find the blossom you want and pluck, or er, click. The article will open in a new window and you can easily navigate back to open others. Like any good news site, Stockleaf also gives you quick facts on your stock: price, P/E, dividend information. And there are tabs that bring you the latest feeds from a variety of additional news sources like Kiplinger's and other financial blogs which may be of interest. Stockleaf makes investment research quick and easy. And why is that important? Well, let's just say that being efficient will allow us time later to stop and smell the roses.

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