Sunday, May 8, 2011

Follow Through With Your People To Make YOUR Team Strong!

Finding nuggets in the numbers is not only possible but very
probable.  Never give up and you will see the potential of
making money with the nuggets you have mined and shined.
With your nuggets you are making progress with people that
will build your program.

On with the show! Keep your team organized, let them do what
they are good at. People have a high energy level when they
do something that interests them.  Setting the tone for team
work with the load split between your group with expertise
and counsel of the whole group.  Marketing is like making a
movie right director- right cast- right script makes the perfect
movie.  Program this to your business good directions- people
willing to learn the program- makes the program workable for

Leadership is amazing, another word for educator, this is your
key to take control and getting the job done.  Train your
downline and then they will train theirs.  When someone needs
direction do not fail to give them opportunities to succeed
and grow, they will come to respect you as a leader.  Just
like the spider and the web, he starts with a web and finishes
with a maze that captures his prey.  We know if someone has
been trained right he will continue to see progress with his
people in his/her business.  counsel your people to be there
for their people with a conscious effort to lead to success.
Leadership is knowing how to help sow the seeds of independance
for your team members.

Lean on your mentor to understand how to follow up with your
team members.  He will let you know the ins and outs to help
you succeed with your folks.  Always listen and read about your
niche to help you learn how to help your group.  Interest in
learning all you can about the program to make yourself
knowledgeable to help others.  Articles and forum posts will
give you means to learn what will work for you.

Okay follow through is a very necessary step to keep your
momentum up.  Let your downline team members know how important
it is to do the same.  Communication is the glue that holds your
book together.  How can you help your people prosper with no
direction.  Every program can be workable with a plan and this
is a very certain part of your plan.  Know your program and make
sure your team is educated about all the steps to finish up in
the front of the pack.

Weaning little kittens mom knows takes time.  She knows being
close makes them feel secure.  Take time to instruct but know
marketers need to spread their wings to fly.  Also know they
can do it with the right training.  Time spent training your
downline will increase their value because they will be able
to train their people.  Stay in touch and give them tips for
advertising as you find it.  They can use free or low cost
advertising to start,  with traffic exchanges, (your time is
valuable, so if you have funds buy credits to show your site
without the hassle of surfing and move to another source of
advertising).  Solo ads to contact addresses work well, ezine
ads and blog and forum posts all allow you to get known on the
internet.  These are not hard to use and it will work for people
just coming on board.

Follow through with your people is simply doing what is right and
very necessary.  When someone purchases from you give them what
they bought and bonuses to keep them as your customer for a long
time to come.  If someone connects with you as a sponsor, stay in
touch.  Send them updates of advertising that works for you so they
can get off to a good start, staying in touch is double fold for you
to keep your team excited and accountable to you and to themselves.
It is also easier to keep a team member than searching for a new one.

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