Sunday, May 1, 2011

Finally the best solution for companies to fulfill their accounts receivable requirements.

Every company has to deal with different cash flow issues every single day.  Also company's need funds to meet the day to day expenses. There are many companies offering factoring services but Factoringquotes is definitely the best option available. The company offers different types of factoring services depending on the company's requirements. It offers factoring for small and medium size companies. The two options available for small businesses are recourse and non recourse factoring. Recourse factoring is sought by companies in 90% of the cases. Factoringquotes will suggest the best factoring solution to the small business depending on the situation and requirements. You can simply complete the online application to request for a free quote and within a few hours a representative of the company will get in touch with you.   

The company also assists with purchase order financing as many times a situation may arise where the seller of raw materials wants immediate payment while the buyer wants a credit period of 30-60 days. Then Factoringquotes pays on your behalf to the seller, obtains a letter of credit and then it will settle dues with you at the end of 30-60 days. This becomes beneficial for the company in terms of increased profits as the firm is able to fulfill all its orders on time. When you pay your suppliers quickly you stand a chance to obtain discounts from them.

Factoringquotes also helps a company to manage cash flow factoring. Factoring your receivables helps you to maintain proper cash flow which is very important the day to day operations of the company. This allows you to receive immediate cash (from sellers) from Factoringquotes itself. The site charges a very negligible amount as discount. Hence a company is able to meet all the working capital requirements as well as immediate cash flow to meet all the financial requirements of the company.

In case you are into export business, Factoringquotes can help you in export factoring as well. Export companies require substantial working capital to meet the export costs and requirements. Factoringquotes helps to collect all funds from the international customers on your behalf so that you don't have to worry about your payment.         

In case you are a contractor involved in the construction industry then you can take advantage of construction factoring services where Factoringquotes will arrange funds for in order to do payroll as well as make payments for material supplies and also getting discounts on purchase of materials in case payment is made in a short period of time. Factoringquotes also comes handy in recourse factoring as well where the recourse can go back to the seller to demand payment in case the debtor has not settled his dues. As a result may get a better rate from the factoring company.

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