Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Give Me Some Credit!

Are you a small business owner, especially one that interacts frequently with the public, such as a real estate agent? Do you spend considerable time taking clients out to lunch, sending out flyers or other mail, or driving a lot in your business? If so, consider applying for a Chase Business Rebate Card.
This credit card has some wonderful advantages to consider. First, there is no interest for the first twelve months. That means that the business upgrades you have been considering can be done now, and paid for over the next year. Whether it is a new suite of software, a whole new computer system, or a new copier, you can put the purchase on your Chase Business Rebate Card and not be charged any interest for the entire next year. This allows you to be more efficient and also to relieve those worries about your current computer actually lasting another six months.
If you purchase the new computer or the new software at an office supply store, not only do you have time to pay for it, but you also get cash back rewards for purchasing it. The Chase Business Rebate Card gives 3% cash back for any purchases at an office supply store. This 3% cash back reward is also given for purchases at home improvement stores, hardware stores, restaurants, and gas stations. So, for people whose businesses have customer interaction similar to real estate agents, this card is wonderful, since the 3% rebate applies to many of the main items purchased. It is also wonderful for individual contractors and other building industry professionals that do a lot of purchases at building supply and home improvement stores. As with most rebate credit cards, you earn rebates for every purchase on the card, no matter what store it is used at. So even purchases at grocery stores would earn 1%.
The Chase Business Rebate Card is also set up to help business owners simplify running their business. There are on-line management tools available to use. There are free additional credit cards for your employees, so that each employee has access to the same rewards as they participate in the business. The Chase Business Rebate Card also has quarterly reports available on card use, so that the owner can keep track of what is being spent during each week of the quarter, to see how the monies are directed.

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