Monday, March 14, 2011

General Information Regarding Self Certification Mortgages And Remortgages In The UK

Self certification mortgages and self certification remortgages are useful financing options for those individuals looking to buy a new home or obtain a new mortgage in the UK. Those individuals who will find a mortgage of this type most useful are those who are gainfully employed yet may have a difficult time showing where the money comes from and how much money they receive on an annual basis. Examples of individuals who may experience this problem include those who are self-employed, contract workers or freelance workers. Obtaining a self certification mortgage or self certification remortgage is a way for these individuals to obtain financing on their home and not have to go through the hassle of persuading hesitant lenders to give them a loan.

Defining Self Certification Mortgages and Remortgages

A self certification mortgage UK is one which is given to an individual that is not able to prove that they are steadily employed. Although some individuals have a 9 to 5 job, 5 days per week with the same company, there are a large amount of people who work for various companies and perform various tasks which produce different amounts of revenue. For these individuals, showing a set income with one particular company is quite difficult and can be met with some resistance at regular mortgage companies who offer straightforward mortgages. A self certification mortgage or self certification remortgage gives the self-employed individuals peace of mind by helping them to obtain a mortgage or remortgage without all of the hassle attached.

Ways to Find Self Certification Mortgage Lenders

When looking to find a self certification mortgage or a self certification remortgage, an individual will need to obtain a lender who deals with mortgages of this type. There are a few ways in which to obtain a self certification mortgage lender. One way in which to peruse one’s self certification options is via the Internet. One can search online to see if any self certification mortgage lenders are based in their area of the UK.

Another way to locate a self certification mortgage lender for a self certification mortgage or remortgage is by way of recommendations. One may have friends or family members in the UK who have obtained a mortgage of this type in the past. By obtaining recommendations, one will not only be able to find a lender but may also learn about good or bad attributes of the lender as well.


Self certification mortgages and self certification remortgages are extremely useful lending options for those self-employed individuals or independent contract workers. This provides a way for the individual to obtain home financing and not have to go through all of the problems they would experience with a regular mortgage lender regarding employment.

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