Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Coming To A Post Box Near You!

You know the procedure by now, you get out of bed, walk downstairs grab a cup of coffee and go and look for what you have in your mail box, the majority of us know that its usually filled with fliers and mailings offering the next best interest rate for home loans….but we usually never even bother to go further by opening the envelope to the details inside.

But! What if on the front it said “What did you neighbors pay for their house? See inside for details..” would you be tempted? I have to put my hands up and say “Yes” I would not because I’m a nosey neighbor but I’d be curious to know what “so and so” down the street sold their house for. Well that’s the new technique you may find from now on if a company called “Donania” has anything to do with it.

Domania is now allowing lenders of home loans access to their data base of home pricing for use in their direct mailings. What does that mean to you, well now instead of just receiving a generic letter with just an interest rate on the front (they found a very poor opening rate for this type of mailing...We all know, most if not all of these offer's went straight into your trash can.) you now receive a more targeted offer as the lender can quote the house prices in your street, they’ve also found by doing this type of mailing that they now have more people enquiring about home equity loans who never had before, when they realize how much extra equity they now have in their home.

So don’t be surprised to find one in your mail box tomorrow….. and by the way would you be tempted to open it??? be honest... I thought so!

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