Thursday, March 8, 2012

If You Had To Choose, Would It Be A Ton Of Bricks Or A Ton Of Feathers?

In the world of traditional business and employment, we face several dilemmas. The first dilemma of traditional business is obviously the start-up capital. The amount of capital usually required is enormous in the brick and mortar world. The second dilemma of traditional business is the rise and fall of profits or the "not knowing" if the business will survive. Traditional brick and mortar requires the ownership to participate in a twenty-four hour endeavor just to keep the business in operation. The third. Dealing with employees. I speak to business owners and one of the biggest challenges they face is dealing with employees. Employees in today’s world tend to move around from job to job, therefore for business owners it becomes a continuous, daunting task of hiring.

Being an employee is not without its’ woes either. As an employee, we have to contend with a very competitive business world. In this competitive world of business, we have to compete with competitive wages. I do not know anyone personally who is surviving on today’s wages without having to work two or more jobs to support themselves. It’s a tough world out there, only getting tougher. If we continue down the employee mentality path and not observe more rewarding opportunities out there in the world to benefit our lives, than one thing is for sure. Do not plan on getting ahead if you do not think outside the box.

Now, let’s put together a simple scenario. Here you are now reading this article. Think about your situation.

In the game of life, what really matters is where you end up. What does that mean? After all of the hard work, what is going to happen should you live to be old? A reality we all must face.
Now, what about the quality of life until our passing?

Here is a simple scenario. Imagine there’s a rope in front of you. Now imagine this rope is tied to a hatch above you. When you pull the rope, the hatch opens and something will fall on your head. What falls on your head represents your financial planning decisions. In this case, what falls on your head is either a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers. So, does a ton equal a ton? In weights and measures, yes. But not to the one who pulls the rope.

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